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Rome Casino Update

Rome Casino no longer accepts US players. If you are located in the US and are looking for a great online casino, we recommend Win Palace. All links will redirect to Win Palace.

Rome Casino Highlights

Bonus Code: Automatic
Bonus Description: 100% up to $1,000 ($10,000 total) on your first ten deposits!
Why Rome Casino: 10,000 reasons! $10,000 signup bonus!
Deposit Methods: Visa Mastercard

Rome Casino Lobby & Games Walkthrough

Why Rome Casino? Check out the video above which shows some of the top reasons why Rome Casino is #1!

Rome Casino Overview

When it comes to combining form and function, no one can quite top the folks at Rome Casino. Their extensive game list, incredible design, and legendary bonuses have combined to create one of the most successful destinations on the digital gaming scene.

Best of all, Rome’s tables are still open to US players. It’s a commendable stance in this day and age, one which has earned them an incredibly loyal fan base.

Rome also offers new players the option to try out their casino games with a play-money bankroll. This will help newbies get their feet wet before risking any cash of their own, in a learning oriented environment.

Take a look below to get a better idea of what this particular online destination is all about.

Rome Casino Games

Here’s where Rome really shines. Overall, they feature one of the most complete gaming rosters on the internet with, as of now, 35 different types of slots (video and classic), multiple video poker offerings, blackjack, roulette, keno, and others.

More often than not, players will find several varieties of their favorite games. For example, there are currently versions each of both roulette and blackjack. The later of these two offers the choice of playing single or multiple hands, while the former gives players the choice of classic or video variants.

Essentially, Rome has something for everyone. And as their business continues to ramp up, more games will surely make their appearance.

Rome Casino Software

One of the largest lures of Rome Casino is their stunning interface. Classical décor surrounds the user, providing an interesting theme environment. Perhaps most impressive is how straightforward everything manages to be, despite the obvious investment in surface beauty. Regular software updates are offered free of charge, which will help to keep the underpinnings clean and running.

In case players do need help, however, there is a chat box offered on the right part of their home screen. It’s an easy way to get in touch with one of their large flock of customer service representatives, any of which will be able to point users in the correct direction.

Rome Casino Bonus

When it comes to offering users the best bang for their buck, the Rome Casino bonus is one of the internet’s best. This is partially due to the fact that they often have several promotions running at once.

At the head of the line is Romulus’ Welcome Bonus, which allows Rome Casino gamers to earn an astonishing $10,000 over their first ten deposits. This is accomplished through a simple accumulation process, by which players can buy in for $1,000 on ten separate occasions. Rome will match each load-up with $1,000 of their own, which can result in some serious cash!

Beyond this promotion, there is also Copia’s Cash Back Bonus. This package is specifically tailored towards players who frequent Rome’s blackjack, video poker, or roulette tables, offering 25% cash back on your deposit. Simply participating in any of these three games can sometimes nullify a player’s regular bonus, so be sure to check the fine print. If your mainly after one of these three, however, then Copia’s Cash Back may be the way to go.

Rome also features a welcome roster of weekly bonuses, which rotate on a regular basis. There are also special promotions running on the weekends, so be sure to keep an eye out. Those who refer their friends to the Rome arena will are also eligible for 15% rewards, so be sure to keep your friends in the loop.

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Bonus Code: Automatic

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