Reload Bonuses

How to Make the Most of Casino Reload Bonuses

Being in the business of online casinos for nearly a decade, we’ve witnessed plenty of changes. We started our operation when Internet casino bonuses seemed to be available with every click of a mouse, a time when the introduction of yet another web-based casino was the norm and plenty of welcome bonuses were available to casino visitors. From the moment we were founded, we’ve worked hard to provide the most current information regarding the lucrative bonuses offered by the Internet’s most reliable casinos, and we remain proud to render information regarding bonuses that people would be hard-pressed to find at any other Internet location.

The soundest advice we can give to individuals attempting to discover a great new online casino bonus is to have accounts at various Internet casinos. The welcome bonuses offered to first-time visitors demonstrate that doing this is a potentially profitable concept, but the redeposit bonuses offered by many Internet casinos further validate our advice. Internet casinos try to outdo each other by offering generous redeposit bonuses to their visitors and you have the opportunity to cash in on their differing offers. There is no justification to refuse funds provided to you by a web-based casino. This means that when you gamble online, you should be continuously striving to clear a bonus!

You should always investigate a new bonus introduced by a well-known Internet casino. If you don’t, it may ultimately cost you money. The most renowned casino websites are always introducing new and more lavish bonuses in an attempt to surpass those offered by other sites, and you have the ongoing opportunity to profit from this. We put forth the effort to collect information about the best bonuses offered by the most reputable web-based casinos and put it all in one spot to make it easy for you to review.

The idea of a reload bonus is simple to understand but the conditions Internet casinos attach to them and the terms used to explain them can sometimes be intimidating, especially at first. The simplest way to understand the intricacies of reload bonuses is to review a few fictitious examples:

Example One: An Internet casino offers its guests a Reload Bonus of 100% up to a maximum of $200. The bonus has a wagering, or playthrough, requirement of 20x’s which must be satisfied within 30 days of a player’s qualifying deposit.

In all likelihood, you can decipher what “100% up to $200” suggests: your will get a bonus that is the equivalent of your deposit, but the most you can receive as a bonus is $200. If, for instance, you choose to put $200 in your account, the full amount of your deposit will be matched by the casino and you’ll have $400 in your account – pretty basic up to this point.

The term “wagering requirement” or “playthrough requirement” is often bewildering for people when they initially play on a casino website. In order to prohibit their visitors from instantly withdrawing money after making a deposit and receiving a bonus, Internet casinos mandate that you stake a predetermined sum of money to “clear” a bonus before you are permitted to make an account withdrawal. Continuing with the example above, you would be required to stake $8,000, which equals the sum of your $200 deposit and your $200 bonus multiplied by 20. To put it another way, you would have to spin a slot machine’s wheel 1,600 times making $5 bets to satisfy the wagering requirement because it would take that many spins for you to bet $8,000 (1600 x $5 = $8,000).

Playthrough requirements change from website to casino website as well as from game to game. If the phrase, “playthrough requirement,” is used without a detailed explanation, it typically relates to bets made on real money slots games. Alternative games like Blackjack, for instance, typically have bigger wagering requirements, while no portion of the bets you make while engaged in playing other games counts toward the requirement.

Still continuing with the above example, you would be given only thirty days to clear the reload bonus, but casino sites don’t always broadcast this sort of thing in an obvious manner, so you’ll have to research it for yourself. If time runs out or you choose to take the money you put in your account out before clearing a bonus, you can still withdraw your money although doing so will typically negate your bonus and all winnings related to it.

If you want to withdraw money from your account after you meet the online casino’s requirement, you can cash out up to your account’s entire balance. If the bonus had instead been “non-cashable” as the one in the next example is, your withdrawal options would be a bit different, however.

Example Two: An Internet casino gives its guests a reload bonus of 200% up to a maximum of $400. The bonus has a playthrough requirement of 10x’s, must be cleared within a sixty-day time period, and is non-cashable.

In Example Two, the online casino is providing a bonus that is twice your deposit, so if you contribute $200, the website will put another $400 in your account, and this means you’ll have an account balance of $600.

For this reload bonus, there’s a playthrough requirement of ten times, which you can now interpret to mean that you have to stake ten times the sum of your personal deposit and the reload deposit you receive, or $6,000, before the 60-day deadline expires.

So you successfully met the playthrough requirement by wagering $6,000 and your account has a total of $900 in it. Because the bonus in this example is non-cashable, you will only be able to withdraw $500 from your account. A player is allowed to use a non-cashable bonus to play casino games, but the individual can only keep his or her winnings, not the bonus. Your reload bonus, $400 in this instance, will be taken out of your account at the time you make a withdrawal which will enable you to take a maximum of $500 out of your account.

Non-cashable bonuses might not seem as enticing as those that can be withdrawn after you meet wagering requirements, meaning cashable bonuses, but non-cashable bonuses are generally bigger than cashable ones. To phrase it another way, you’ll have a better chance to increase your winnings if you get a non-cashable bonus instead of a cashable one because you’ll be able to afford more play or you can choose to participate in games with bigger stakes.

Because of our experience in this industry, we are able to provide you with the details about bonuses offered by the Internet’s most reputable casinos at the exclusion of those offered by casinos with less pristine track records. Online casinos make so many different bonuses available to players that, in addition to figuring out which bonus is the most lucrative, it can be nearly impossible to discern which websites are genuinely trustworthy and which aren’t. In this context, our history provides us with the ability to put together a list that includes only the casinos you can trust – we bet our reputation on it. Making a choice to play at a casino based on a credible list of websites is critical, since no one will benefit from giving their banking information to an offshore company that is not honest.

Although the environment in which web-based casinos operate has changed in the past decade or so, our goal has stayed the same: examine the many bonuses provided by Internet casinos, identify the ones provided by reputable establishments, and tell our visitors all about them. Whether you want a bonus to clear while playing video poker online, roulette or everyone’s favorite slot machines, we can help. There are countless websites where you can gamble and they all update their bonus offers regularly, which can make it nearly impossible to stay abreast of the most appealing promotions out there. As a result, we sincerely hope that our prescreened, easily-accessed list of bonus codes proves to be convenient for you. Be sure to visit us often because we are constantly adding the most current information available about newly-introduced bonuses.

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